ISUZU 2012 – 2019 (D-Max)


  • R 1710.97
Bonnet Beading Black
  • R 745.65
Bonnet Beading Chrome
  • R 650.00
Bumper Front 4x4
  • R 1304.35
Bumper Front 2x4
  • R 1000.16
Bumper Front Face Lift
  • R 1999.92
Bumper Stiffener Lower
  • R 750.17
Bumper Stiffener Upper
  • R 600.99
  • R 1695.65
Glass Door LH
  • R 565.22
Glass Door RH
  • R 565.22
Mirror Black Manual LH
  • R 749.99
Mirror Black Manual RH
  • R 749.99
Mirror Chrome LH
  • R 2000.21
Mirror Chrome RH
  • R 2000.21
Fender Low Rider LH
  • R 850.00
Fender Low Rider RH
  • R 850.00
Fender 4x4 RH
  • R 834.78
Fender 4x4 LH
  • R 834.78
Grill Chrome
  • R 1272.05
Grill Black
  • R 850.01
  • R 2343.01
Fog Lamp
  • R 500.03
Head Light RH
  • R 1271.73
Head Light LH
  • R 1271.73
Headlight Projector RH
  • R 2586.96
Headlight Projector LH
  • R 2586.96
Tail Light With Globe LH
  • R 1000.00
Tail Light With Globe RH
  • R 1000.00
Tail Light LED lh
  • R 1096.47
Tail Light LED rH
  • R 1096.47


Crankshaft Sensor C20 & C24 25mm Long
  • R 591.30
Crankshaft Sensor C20 - C24 Short
  • R 570.10
Idling Sensor C20 & C24
  • R 500.00


Alternator KB250 4JA1
  • R 2500.07
Alternator Bracket KB250 4JA1
  • R 399.91
Camshaft C20 - C24
  • R 1695.65
Crankshaft with Bearings 4ja1 kb250
  • R 3956.52
Crankshaft Pulley KB250
  • R 1271.95
Crankshaft Cambelt Drive Pulley
  • R 652.17
Power Steering Pump 4Ja1 KB250
  • R 2192.98
Turbo Compensator
  • R 5702.62


Radiator KB250 500mm
  • R 2478.26
Radiator 420mm
  • R 2173.91
Air Con Condensor
  • R 1710.36
Fan Blade KB250 & KB300
  • R 600.00
Visco KB250 & KB300- 4JJ1 & 4JK1
  • R 1347.83
Intercooler Front Mount
  • R 2173.92


Gear Lever Extension Housing
  • R 1200.00
Clutch Fork
  • R 565.22
Speedo Drive Electric
  • R 850.00


Control Arm Upper LH Hi-Rider
  • R 2608.70
Control Arm Upper RH Hi-Rider
  • R 2608.70

All prices are excl VAT.

LH – Left hand
RH – Right hand
SC – Single cab
DC – Double cab
SWB – Short wheel base
LWB – Long wheel base

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